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Clay Aiken
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Birth Date Nov 30, 1979
Photos 9

About Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken from North Carolina aka "The Voice" aka "The Claypot" aka "Shakin' Aiken" aks "Gonzo" is a man of many aliases and many talents. One of the hot favourites to win "American Idol 2" in 2003, Clay has a brilliant voice which is an eclectic mix of Elton John and John Secada. He also has a great, amicable and constructive personality. Although Clay came in second only after fellow crooner Ruben Studdard in American Idol, he was clearly the winner with more CD sales and numerous magazine covers. Clay's self titled album will hit stores on Oct 14, 2003. Check out Clay Aiken's picture galleries, wallpapers, biography and filmography.

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