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Britney Spears
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Birth Date Dec 02, 1981
Photos 152
Wallpapers 8

Tagged - britney spears   justin timberlake   singer   actress   blonde   pop

About Britney

Britney Spears became a pop phenomenon in the nineties and rose to tremendous fame as a young pop princess with chart topping hits like 'Ooops I Did It Again', 'Baby, One More Time', 'Crazy' .. A former Mousketeer Britney got engaged to NSync frontman Justin Timberlake. Their break-up was very public and a shattering experience for her as well as her fans. After a failed marriage to fellow trrop dancer Kevin Federline, Britney who is a mother of two little boys dominated headlines in early 2007 for her pantyless antics with spoilt rich girl Paris Hilton, shaving her head bald, yo-yoing between rehab and getting tattoos. Check out Britney Spears exclusive pics, wallpapers, biography and more .. ..